Monday, October 27, 2008

This is really retarded!

Well for all of you that don't already know, I'm very pregnant. Sick as a dog and all. I've wanted to get on here and put up pictures and let ya know what all we've been up to, but I just haven't felt good at all. I get sick first thing in the morning and I'm sick all dang day long. There might be a hour or two that I feel good but it rarely happens. Anyway I'll try a little harder to get our pictures up.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Jentz Roger Skinner

Oh he is good lookin ain't he?

Redneck Fencing

Dad and Dustin fixin a little fence.


Not too long ago Jentz, Dustin, Dad and I went up Indian Creek to check cows. Well No one has ever taken a picture of them doing what they love, so I decided that I would and give it to them for Christmas. I'm safe to say that on here cause I know that no of them will ever get on here. They hate computers. Anyhow, ain't they good lookin?

Trev & Kailey

The whole Merritt crew went out to eat at some place in Ogden (I think, can't remember) anyhow afterwards we shopped a lil and if ya know Trev he is kinda random and goofy. When he first got on this riding cart it was just him and he acted like he was retarded! HILARIOUS! Thanks for easy laughs Trev.

Jas looks like he is innocent or something huh? Well fyi he's not.

Messin around with new camera!

Yeah we know we're pretty hott! lol just kiddin.

Nice View

Here I am in St.George. We went on some safari thing and got a nice tour. I wish we woulda had a nicer camera at the time though.

Who's swinging by!