Friday, April 29, 2011

ToY cHeSt

Yes people I am going to make this and yes it is going to look this good!! Just you wait and see!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bodrie's first cousin spendover!!

Playing blocks and knockin them down!

The only good picture I got of all of them holding still. LtoR is Bodrie Kayden, Kelsea & Cooper


Bodrie was trying so hard to make a funny face like BOOG did.

Profesional Bowlers watch out!! We did our share that night and the kids totally rocked it!!

COOPS may have cheated a little bit though. He would have much rather been in the back playing with the bucking bulls!!

Look at them all scrubbing their snags (Charli, I promise there was only a little sugar that night)

The older cousins in the amazing fort Uncle Jason helped them build!

Jason's best work!

Finally zoncked out after midnight! I should have taken a picture of Coops. He sleeps with his eyes open!! AH!

Who's swinging by!