Thursday, December 31, 2009


Bodrie didn't much care for any of his presents. He just wanted the PAPER! He loved the way it sounded and tasted. It must just be a natural instinct to shove everything in the mouth when your that little cause that is where everything goes anymore!

I have been bugging Jas about making me a buckle rack forever so my buckles wouldn't just sit on the floor in a bag... well little did I know what he had in store for me for Christmas. He made me this amazing buckle shadow box with rope on it. I just love it and now my memories will all be locked up where I can look at them all the time! Thanks babe you really are amazing and I love ya very much!

Bodrie's 1st Christmas

We celebrated Christmas in B-twn this yr with Jason's parents and Hillary. It was super fun and we all had a good time. Bodrie is amazing entertainment and my husband is so good to me! Thanks mom and dad for making it so much fun for us!

2nd annual Gingerbread house party

Basically we just had a fun night! My family was all at my mom's and she did a great job of making it really fun for all our kids! Hence... the pictures show it all!

Who's swinging by!