Thursday, December 27, 2012


 What a cute family I have! I can't believe how much my little boy has grown up in 3 years. He's getting smarter, bigger, and more mouthy than I could have ever imagined! He likes to work outside fixing everything he possibly can with his tools. He is his dad's shadow. Everywhere dad goes, Bodrie has to go too. He has started riding with me this summer and loves his horses and dogs and his cowboying with Grandpa Greg. He rides sheep like no one's business and even goat ribbon pulls at the Rope 'N' Run. He chases girls and loves to dance with them too. He talks to anyone that will listen and even to those that don't! He definitely is my child personality wise! I can't believe how much I love him and how fast time is flying by us! Feeling extremely blessed that this family is mine!

Friday, April 29, 2011

ToY cHeSt

Yes people I am going to make this and yes it is going to look this good!! Just you wait and see!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bodrie's first cousin spendover!!

Playing blocks and knockin them down!

The only good picture I got of all of them holding still. LtoR is Bodrie Kayden, Kelsea & Cooper


Bodrie was trying so hard to make a funny face like BOOG did.

Profesional Bowlers watch out!! We did our share that night and the kids totally rocked it!!

COOPS may have cheated a little bit though. He would have much rather been in the back playing with the bucking bulls!!

Look at them all scrubbing their snags (Charli, I promise there was only a little sugar that night)

The older cousins in the amazing fort Uncle Jason helped them build!

Jason's best work!

Finally zoncked out after midnight! I should have taken a picture of Coops. He sleeps with his eyes open!! AH!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shoveling the "NO" with Daddy

                        Being a big helper to dad

                                     Hmmm this is kinda fun!
            Yes, I did marry that goofy lookin posing thing shoveling snow!

                  He got sick of shoveling and jumped in the "no" and froze his little hands right off!

Christmas Trees 2010

             We were sitting on the side of the hill and all the sudden Bodrie just flung himself back and started giggling! It was so cute. This was only his second time in the "NO" as he calls it.
                         His excited face is just about priceless! I think it also meant Brrr too!
                   Having so much fun in the "no"

Haircut and Movie time

                   This is such a good movie! He gets so into whatever he is watching! He loves the Lion King, Aladdin, Spirit, Arsticats, Lady and the Tramp...the list seriously goes on...and on....

                                       He is so photogenic and will say "cheese" so dang cute
                          Daddy giving him his 2nd haircut ever...
                                 Charli and I did the first and forgot to take pictures...whoops!

More late (very late) up dates!

These pictures are from G-ma and G-pa Hunter's 50th wedding anniversary! Bodrie had so much fun running around and playing with his cousin Luke Day. He is definately the life of the party wherever he goes!!

                        He was teaching G-ma and G-pa to play paddy cake!!

                                              Looks like trouble if you ask me

                                                          Peek a Boo

                                             Can ya see me Mom??

Man oh man how I love my little boy! He is so dang busy and always keeps us on our toes!! He is learning so very fast too. Somtimes he'll just spit out words that he's heard off the t.v. He loves teasing his dad too!

                                                  Watch out dad!!!
                             It was so funny the day he was doing this. He would walk beween Jason's legs and hold on to him and have him walk. He laughed so hard he would fall down! It was so cussed cute!

                                           Wanting to go to work with dad
                                             I'm so tough. Girls beware!
                                                    Hmmm..what's in here...

Who's swinging by!