Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Demo Dogs

Muzzy isn't as innocent as she looks in this picture. She tears up chew toys just as bad as Dally does. It is real funny to watch, but now we only have one chew toy left! I wonder what they'll start chewin on next...

Lock the door always!

Kelsea loves to come over and play at our house. Mostly cause I think she has a crush on Jas, but what do ya do? I kinda do too! Anyway funny story about this little stink. Jas was supposed to be watchin her and Alyssa while I was soakin in the tub. I'm pretty sure she was just bored, but she came and knocked on the door telling me to hurry up. I told her I was relaxing (don't think she understands that word). Anyway she did this like three times and finally had enough and just opened the door on me! Ah I was in the buff in the tub! She looked at me and her eyes got big and she left. So Jas told me what she said when I finally got out. She went over to her sister and whispered, "Sissy, I just saw Aunt Kayla's big boobs! They are big like my mommies." Jas heard her and busted a gut and asked her again what she saw. So she told him. Hillarious! If only you coulda seen her face when she said it. Then she was sittin on his lap and asked him if she could see his boobies. He says I don't have boobs Kels. She grabs the front of his shirt and lifts it up, sticks her hand up there where his are and grabs a hold of it. Yes huh uncle Jason, you do too see! HAHAHA how funny. Kids are so dang cute with the stuff they say. I wonder what she'll say when hers start growing seems how she is only four!!

Yummy Dog Food

I don't know how many times I caught Cooper playin in the dog food either trying to eat it or he tries to give it to Muzzy and Dally like its some treat. They take it from him and love to play that game. Ha Ha

Baby sitting the coops!

I had to babysit for Charlie one day and I left Cooper playin in the front room with the puppies... Or so I thought...I only walked out of the room for like two seconds I swear. I came back to this lovely mess and the cutest grin I have ever seen! He acted so sweet and innocent.

Who's swinging by!