Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bodrie Rolled Over!!

We are out to grandma n grandpa Merritt's in Bennington and Bodrie is playing on the floor... Next thing we see is him rolling over! WOW! He's not even 3 months yet! It was super neat. Then he did it again only alot quicker! My little boy is growing so fast it's kinda sad...I'm still not ready for another one though.
Not too much has been happening in our lives. Jason is working for UP still thank goodness. He's now outta Soda so it's close to home WOOT WOOT! I'm working at the school in Paris part time Mon-Thurs and Grams is watching Bodrie for us. She is such a good woman to do that for us everyday, plus some nights I work at the bowling alley! Don't know what we'd do without our wonderful families looking out for us. Love you guys. Anyhow working two jobs really sucks and its depressing, but it is so worth it to have Jason home everynight. I already told him I will not do it forever so we gotta get rid of some toys or he has to go back out on system!! I'm such a mean wife I Anyway that's about it for us... Hope everything is good for everyone!!!

Who's swinging by!