Sunday, August 23, 2009

OH NO!!!

My child is already dis obeying me! I tell him all the time to keep his fingers out of his mouth and this is how he treats me! It's awful! Pretty cute, but a hard habit to kick. I always try to hurry and stick the bink in his mouth too, but he gets his fingers behind it and flicks it back at me! Then he proceeds to stick his thumb in there! I have a sinking suspicion that we are going to have our hands full from now till he's up and moved out!

BeD tImE

My little man is always excited before he goes to bed. It must be all the diet coke I drink Anyhow he'll kick and grin and try gigglin and talk to us like crazy for a bit. Then it always turns out like the one picture when he's stretched like superman! He's definatley our SUPERBABY!!!

Grandpa Greg loves his boys!

This is at the pageant also... my dad wanted to hold him so bad. Which he always wants to have one of his grandkids! He is one of the best grandpa's EVER!

Supporting Chelsea... Again! :)

Chels tried out for the Bear Lake Royalty thing! She did amazing! I am proud of her. She is a true athlete and she actually cleans up pretty dang good! Stupid me didn't get any pictures so when I steal some from my mom I'll post them! She took 3rd place...(personally I think she should have won... but I'm not biased or anything!) Here is Bodrie in his go to town dress up shirt, just loving this swing(thanks Trev and Amy) He was so good that night for the pageant, I couldn't even believe it! He's basically the best kid ever! (once again... I'm definatley not biased! HAHA)


bAtH tImE wItH cHeLs

I know this shows his weiner and it's not quite appropriate but I really don't care!! His first tubbies he didn't know what to think and his little automatic sprinkler would go off everytime!!! He is liking it so much more now and it is so cute to watch him grin and squirm! He is almost to big for his little tub thing now. He is growing so fast it's incredible!

Back to blogging world!!!

Wow it has been forever since I have posted anything! Alot has been going on though. After Bodrie came it wasn't but about four weeks later I had to go to the hospital cause I was having such horrible pains in my stomach. They thought it just might be my appendix or my gall bladder. Anyway I had to spend the night cause I hurt so bad! It was my first night without Bodrie! It was awful and I felt like a terrible mother, but Teresa took good care of him. My problem was a cyst on an ovarie burst and blah blah blah... IT FREAKIN HURT LIKE HELL! I got to come home the next day but I stayed in Bennington with the Merritt's cause Jason was gone to work. These pictures are Bodrie and Grandma cuddlin during our stay!! He is one spoiled baby to say the least...

Who's swinging by!