Friday, May 29, 2009

What to do???

I went to the doctor yesterday and things are looking up. I'm 37+ weeks and I'm almost dialated to a 2. We're all hoping that this baby comes when Jas gets home this week! Any labor inducing suggestions? Because if he doesn't come I'll be by myself AH! Jas leaves for work again on the 8th and won't be back til the 15th. Dr. Campbell is going to California to meetings on the 10th thru the 14th! REMINDER: I'M DUE THE 15TH! So basically I'm a little scared that I'll be by myself with the on call dr when they are both gone...I've already threatened to kill dr and husband if they don't make it! I'm almost kidding. :)And the week of High School Rodeo State Finals starts the 15th. I haven't missed one of Chelsea's rodeos yet this year and I would really hate to go into labor while she is rodeoing. Pretty sure she'd lose her concentration! haha
Anyhow that the stress in my life for now. I wish I could say things will look up soon but I know better than that. Plus people keep reminding me that it doesn't get any better! Take care!

Who's swinging by!