Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More late (very late) up dates!

These pictures are from G-ma and G-pa Hunter's 50th wedding anniversary! Bodrie had so much fun running around and playing with his cousin Luke Day. He is definately the life of the party wherever he goes!!

                        He was teaching G-ma and G-pa to play paddy cake!!

                                              Looks like trouble if you ask me

                                                          Peek a Boo

                                             Can ya see me Mom??

Man oh man how I love my little boy! He is so dang busy and always keeps us on our toes!! He is learning so very fast too. Somtimes he'll just spit out words that he's heard off the t.v. He loves teasing his dad too!

                                                  Watch out dad!!!
                             It was so funny the day he was doing this. He would walk beween Jason's legs and hold on to him and have him walk. He laughed so hard he would fall down! It was so cussed cute!

                                           Wanting to go to work with dad
                                             I'm so tough. Girls beware!
                                                    Hmmm..what's in here...

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