Friday, January 23, 2009

Sleddin and workin cows.

Jas went sleddin the other day and left me home workin cows with my family. The boys he went with didn't take the best of pictures so next time I'm going. FUNNY FUNNY....So for all of you that knew me before we got married and before I got pregnant will so laugh at this. So here we are workin cows the other day (I'm my grandpa's right hand man!) They won't let me do anything really anymore cause they don't want me to get hurt while I'm pregnant so my job is to tally everyone's cows that come up the alley. Well this big ol fat cow of my brothers got stuck in the chute and we couldn't get her up off her belly. We let her sit for awhile thinkin she was outta breath but we were running out of daylight and still had 150 or so cows left to work. Anyway my uncle puts a chain around her neck and hooks it under the truck and gives her a tug out. It worked, but oh my hell I cried like a little girl. I was freakin pathetic. It didn't hurt her or anything, but it just made the tears run outta my eyes like no other. The boys laughed at me. Told me I wasn't tough anymore. lol Anyhow a few of ya will get a kick out of it.


Taryn and Cameron said...

That is pretty funny, dang pregnancy! How are you doing, are you less ill:)

Tyler and Sara said...

Cute new pup. How does Dally like it? Tuff would be sooooo jealous!

Candi & Brandon said...

Not tough! I'd like to see them push a baby out their you know what. You're definatley tough:)

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